From naming a new edition to celebrating all aspects of life

Life presents many special occasions when you feel it is important to celebrate with others. These can be significant decisions you make as an individual or in partnership with another. To capture the uniqueness of these milestones in your life the services of a celebrant will offer guidance, assistance in setting the mood and exploring all the different ways in which you can celebrate an event important to you. Whether it is the arrival of a child, renewal of vows or promises made sometime in the past, celebrating the anniversary of an important time in your life, or perhaps celebrating your decision to make a commitment to someone special in your life, I am here to provide you with an individually crafted ceremony to signify the importance of this event in your life.


We celebrate many occasions in our life that have particular importance to us and others. It may be to acknowledge a significant period of an on-going relationship or marriage, career milestones or retirement, special birthdays, or reaching a point in your life that you believe demands something special. My role as your celebrant is to help you celebrate that event in your life with all the importance it deserves.


The joy of a new arrival into any family unit is a source of great enjoyment and excitement. It is at this time parents want to celebrate such an event and always in the company of family and friends. In all these circumstances I am able to help you create a ceremony to acknowledge the wonder of such an special time in their lives.

When a wedding ceremony is not your preferred option then I can help you design a service that enables you and your partner to profess your commitment to each other and celebrate this decision with others.

There comes a time in relationships where it is felt that the vows made some time ago should be re-visited and an opportunity given to re-new them with each other and in the company of others. I can help design a ceremony to allow this to happen in a sense of celebration.

Throughout our lives there are many occasions when we wish to acknowledge a special event in our lives. My role as your celebrate is to listen carefully to what you wish to celebrate and help you achieve that outcome.